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2015 ConventionBroken Bow, Oklahoma, June 4 - 7

Although most people don’t think of Oklahoma as a fishy state, it’s actually home to about 175 species of fish, including golden topminnows, bluehead shiners, two genetically distinct smallmouth bass strains, pupfish, cardinal shiners, banded pygmy sunfish, and alligator gar. This relatively high species number is due largely to Oklahoma’s varied climate, geology and topography, all of which contribute to habitat diversity. Though few people realize it, Oklahoma is one of only four states with more than 10 ecoregions (or broad habitat types) and per square mile is the most habitat diverse state in the contiguous United States.

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Beavers Bend State Park, Hochatown OK, approximately 8 mi N of Broken Bow. Cabins approximately $90 – 150 and can hold multiple guests. Lodge $111. Cheaper off site rooms are available in Broken Bow. There also a chance that a limited number of low costs (maybe even free) rooms will be available approximately a half hour away.


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If there is enough interest “ladies only” seining, fishing, snorkeling or kayaking trips will be offered each day.



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